Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Will Rogers Gardens 5MR Patch

 I took the first step on a new project today. 5 Mile Radius (5MR) is a project to encourage birders to get more familiar with birds and nature in general close to home. Its a great way to connect to my local environment and save gas as well.

My 5MR patch includes several of the local hotspots which at first overwhelmed me. I was hoping to get more familiar with a smaller area but my patch was the places I go most often already! 5 miles can actually encompass lots of different terrain. Eventually I made peace with this bonanza of riches and picked one area to focus on. Will Rogers Gardens. Its 1.5 miles from home! I could walk/bike there if traffic wasn't so treacherous and there were sidewalks or bike lanes. Sigh......

Will Rogers Gardens is 30 acres of gardens and trees. Today I spent 45 minutes there and felt like it was a good start. I saw a crow's nest:)


5 Robins                                                      2 Mockingbirds                      2 small and fast flying birds TBD

12 Canadian Geese                                     2 Scaups - Lesser I think but TBD

8 Domestic and Pekin Ducks                      6 Robins

5 Mallards                                                   2 House Sparrows

2 Crows                                                       1 Cardinal