Monday, April 15, 2019

Everyday Dorie - Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers
These salmon burgers are good and not difficult to make. It was a bit unsettling to put raw fish in the blender but it all worked out fine.  Some of the French Friday cooks warned that the burgers tend to not stick together and are difficult to turn but that wasn't my experience. It had nothing to do with my ability and everything to do with the salmon I am sure!

I made a relish of tomatoes, red onion and parsley! Worked great with the salmon.

Dorie recommends serving these with coleslaw or Basta Pasta Potato Salad and, feeling like an over achiever, I made both! I was uncertain about the potato salad because Gary loves potato salad and has often not liked it if I change up the recipe but there was no need to worry here! He loved it! I loved it! And while the burgers were good, the potato salad was exceptional! The slaw was great too!
Gratuitous baby picture of Savi's first trip to the zoo.

Go to Everyday Dorie if you'd like to follow along with us as we cook through Dorie Greenspan's latest cookbook.


  1. What a feast you made! Great job...they were delicious weren't they?!!

  2. That is a colorful and delicious plate-up!

  3. You were such a showoff this week. Overachiever, indeed. When I finish writing this comment I have to go find Dorie's potato salad recipe. Coleslaw, also! So far I have loved all Dorie's recipes so this should be one fun cooking adventure for us. Your baby's darling.

  4. Wow you did go all out! Nice work!

  5. Go you !!! Savi is stealing the show on this post - gorgeous and love that sweet smile :) Seriously though, you knocked out some amazing dishes this week. I lucked out with the texture working fine too, not sure why. I also was more than a little unsettled at putting my salmon in the Cuisinart lol. As always, Dorie is right but I would only have trusted HER on this one.

  6. Wow - that sounds like an amazing meal! I'm glad to hear the potato salad is good. I was looking at it, myself. And bring on the gratuitous baby pics - they're great! :)