Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Art of the Pie - Kate McDermott - Food 52 Community Cookbook Club - Pie #2

Variation on Chess Pie
Art of the Pie
Kate McDermott

To Crisco or not to Crisco, that is the question. Asked and answered for me after making Kate's Traditional Butter and Shortening Dough! I grew up making pie crust with Crisco and never had a second thought. Then we learned that shortening is BAD for us. Butter is good for us, and it tastes much better. But I have not made a tender, flaky crust since I gave up Crisco. Kate's combo of Crisco and butter makes the perfect crust. Tender, flaky, delicious and easy to work with.

When you want to bake a pie but have no fruit, chocolate or many of the ingredients associated with pie, a Chess pie is just the thing! I didn't have the lite coconut milk or goat milk yogurt Art of the Pie asks for so I made a traditional Chess pie with eggs, sugar, vinegar and cornmeal.

 One of the bests pies I've ever eaten. But then I tend to say that about whatever pie is currently on my plate!

Bon App├ętit ya'll!